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Take back control of your software.

Duplications, redundancies, and non-compliant products...
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Clearfind is a breakthrough tool that helps you organize your entire software ecosystem

De-Dupe your ecosystem

Spotlight instant savings. Clearfind uncovers exactly which tools overlap and how, while factoring in user sentiment so you can make smarter business decisions about which tools to keep and which to sunset.

Manage fewer vendors

Unlock a full understanding of the software features you have and their alternatives so you can manage less operational overhead, compliance risks, and spend. Make sure you have the right vendors as you grow.

Keep a single source of truth

Gain a master overview of your entire ecosystem, updated in real time, and transparency into your vital systems. Get the power to confidently add and remove products and services within your ecosystem.

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The magic of Clearfind? Our data.

Imagine what's possible when you know the features, functionality, pricing, and characteristics of every software available... Clearfind has this data.

Decision-driving data

We assess software in 5 fundamental ways: by category, functionality, user sentiment, soft characteristics (like industry-specific experience, customer support), and hard characteristics (like pricing, integrations, scaling potential).

Evergreen dataset

Our data is always growing. We constantly assess changes in software products and feature updates. We know the possibilities of every tool on the market to serve your business.

All your software in one beautiful table

Continuing access to our platform gives you the data you need to evaluate potential new software purchases, expand your use of existing software, and manage IT more effectively.


Break free from redundancy

Struggling with multiple solutions purchased to fit the specific needs and preferences of people on your team? Clearfind uses data-driven truth to set you free from redundant systems, underutilized tools and bloated systems. We empower you to optimize the solutions you use every day.

From many systems, to few

With Clearfind, you never need to worry about making tradeoffs with your software decisions. Strategically consolidate your ecosystem without sacrificing functionality. Eliminate bloat, manage fewer vendors and optimize usage of the systems that matter the most to your business.

Intelligently plot your ecosystem

Our data expertly combines with your user sentiment and company usage. This enables you to make clear decisions about which tools to invest in, and which to pull back from. Clearfind makes Informed software decisions easy.

Search for software the smart way

Need a new pricing optimization system? A new CRM? Not sure if products you've invested in already have all the functionality you need? Clearfind uses its vast software data and nuanced understanding of your ecosystem to thoughtfully and confidently steer you toward the right product recommendations.

Gillian F.

“Clearfind identified an opportunity to consolidate six different products into just ONE that better serves our needs. Result: 90%+ decrease in cost, fewer systems to manage, less security risk.”

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